Crochet Headband Pattern Free

Crochet Headband Pattern Free

Get creative with this easy to follow crochet headband free pattern. It's perfect for beginners and experts alike. With just a few materials and a few steps, you can have your own unique headband in no time. Get started now!



  • 1 Skein Size 4 Medium worsted weight yarn in color of your choice
    • I used "I Love This Yarn" from HobbyLobby in the color, "Toasted Almond"
  • Size H 5mm Crochet Hook 
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Stitch Key (US terms used)

  • SS - Slip Stitch
  • CH - Chain
  • SC - Single Crochet
  • HDC - Half Double Crochet
  • FPHDC - Front Post Half Double Crochet
  • BPHDC - Back Post Half Double Crochet
  • DC - Double Crochet


  • Back Bump – back side of the beginning foundation chain.
  • This pattern makes an Adult size headband.
    • The yarn you use may affect the finished size.
    • If you need to adjust the size larger or smaller simply add or subtract stitches from your foundation chain in multiples of 2


  • Start with a foundation chain of 68

Row 1:

  • Work in the Back Bumps of your foundation chain 
  • Skip 1st stitch
  • 1SC in each stitch (67 SC total)
  • CH1 + turn your work

Row 2:

  • 1HDC in each stitch (67 HDC total)
  • CH1 + turn your work

Row 3:

  • 1FPHDC into top portion of first stitch (you will insert your hook starting in the turning chain to be able to wrap around the first stitch)
  • *1BPHDC into next stitch + 1FPHDC into next stitch 
  • Continue from * across row
  • Your last stitch should be a FPHDC
  • CH1 + turn work

Row 4:

  • Repeat row 3
  • Each FPHDC will be worked in FPHDC from previous row
  • each BPHDC will be worked in BPHDC from previous row
  • CH1 + turn work

Row 5:

  • 1SC + 1DC into first stitch
  • * skip a stitch, 1SC + 1DC into stitch
  • repeat from * until 2 stitches remain
  • skip a stitch, 1SC into last stitch
  • CH1 turn

Rows 6-9:

  • Repeat row 5
  • (the 1SC + 1DC will be worked into each SC from previous row, skipping the DC)

Row 10:

  • 1HDC into each stitch (67HDC total)
  • CH1 + turn work

Row 11-12:

  • Repeat Row 3

Row 13:

  • 1SC into each stitch across (67stitches total)
  • CH1 + fasten off leaving a 15 inch tail (the tail will be using for sewing headband together)


  • Thread tapestry needle with long tail of yarn
  • With right side of headband facing up, place your work on a flat surface in front of you horizontally.

  • Using your left had grab left side of headband. Hold this end up about 5 inches so its vertical from the surface its laying on.
  • Pinch this end to make a flattened C shape
  • with right hand grab right hand side of headband.
  • Pinch this end to make a backwards flattened C
  • Bring the two ends together 
  • place the top half of the right side into the middle of the left side making an S shape.

  • Flatten the S so that you now have 4 layers of your work in a line going right & left
  • Take your tapestry needle and sew all 4 layers together making sure to work through all the layers working in a back & fourth stitch across your work


  • secure with a couple knots and weave in your ends.
  • now flip headband right side out and you are finished!! :)


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