Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments

Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments

Learn how to crochet this beautiful ornament for your Christmas Tree with this free crochet pattern. Perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike this ornament comes together using just single crochets and can be made using any colors you'd like!


  • Size F 3.75mm crochet hook 
  • Acrylic size 4 medium worsted weight yarn in 5 different colors (use any colors you’d like, “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby was used in these colors)
    • A - Pink
    • B - Fire Red
    • C - Menthe
    • D - Limelight
    • E - Jelly Bean
  • Clear plastic ornament 3.27in (8.3cm)
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors

Stitch Key (US Terms)

MC: magic circle

SC: single crochet 

INC: increase - 2SC into same stitch

DEC: decrease - 1SC into 2 stitches

If you are more of a visual learner you will find the companion YouTube tutorial below.

Pattern is worked in a continuous round.

Start with Color A:

R1: 6SC in MC (6)

R2: INC in each stitch (12)

R3: (1SC + INC) x6 (18)

R4: 1SC + INC (*2SC + INC)x5 + 1SC (24) change to color B

R5: (3SC + INC) x6 (30) change back to color A

R6: 2SC + INC (*4SC + INC)x5 + 2SC (36) change to D

R7: (5SC + INC) x6 (42) change back to A

R8: 1SC in every stitch (42) 

  • You will be changing colors throughout each round for the next 7 rows. Let yarn your not using but that’s still attached float towards the back/inside of your work until ready to use it again.

R9: 3SC in A + 1SC in D (6SC in A + 1SC in D)x5 + 3SC in A

R10: 1SC in A + (5SC in E + 2SC in A)x5 + 5SC in E + 1SC in A

R11: 2SC in A + (4SC in E + 3SC in A)x5 4SC in E + 1SC in A

R12: 3SC in A + (3SC in E + 4SC in A)x5 + 3SC in E + 1SC in A

R13: 4SC in A + (2SC in E + 5SC in A)x5 + 2SC in E + 1SC in A

R14: 5SC in A + (1SC in E + 6SC in A)x5 + 1SC in E+ 1SC in A

  • Cut color E

R15: 1SC in every stitch (42) change to C

R16: (5SC + DEC)x6 (36) change to A

  • Cut color C

R17: 2SC + DEC (4SC + DEC)x5 + 2SC (30) change to B

  • Insert plastic ornament into your work. Take off top metal piece and set aside. You will continue crocheting the final rounds around the ornament. Take your time with these rounds.

R18: (3SC + DEC)x6 (24) change to A

  • Cut B tuck yarn tail down in between your work and the ornament

R19: 1SC + DEC (2SC + DEC) x5 + 1SC (18)

R20: (1SC + DEC) x6 (12)

R21: DEC x6 (6)

  • CH1 + fasten off 
  • tuck the yarn tail into opening of the top ornament 
  • Place metal top back on ornament 

CONGRATULATIONS you are finished making your ornament!

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